Paul van den Berg

Director: Global Production Portal

Paul is persistent, with an unwavering determination to succeed. And he’s not referred to as our Chief Evangelist for nothing. 

If Paul believes in something, his conviction will not only convince others to see his logic but, more often than not, will ensure that the impossible is made possible. 

This consistent refusal to take no for an answer lies at the heart of Paul’s success in fostering relationships based on a deep-seated trust. 

Paul’s experience spans a number of leadership positions including Executive Producer and Managing Director at Hotel de Ville, Co- Founder and Director at Snap Pictures Limited UK as well as Co- Founder and Director of Embassy Production Suites. Fittingly, Paul is currently the Chief Evangelist at Global Production Portal and Managing Director of Oliver Africa. 

He has over twenty years’ experience in international broadcast, production, content and alternative media. Paul is also a qualified marketer, a committed father and, once-upon-a-time, a band manager.

Peter van Jaarsveld

Production & Executive Creative Director: Global Production Portal

“Why?” It’s a word that’s never far from Peter’s lips. As a born problem-solver, you’ll always find Peter searching for ways to do things differently. Not for the sake of being different but for the sake of being better. 

A tough task master and self-professed perfectionist, Peter is as uncompromising on himself as he is on the work. His vast and varied skill set is mostly self-taught and has led to him being a disruptive force in the industry for over 20 years. 

A rare combination of logic and creativity, Peter is proof that it’s possible to be both Managing and Creative Director. This unique talent also goes a long way to explaining why so many of the world’s most loved brands trust him to deliver work from multiple countries, across multiple time zones, on time and within budget. 

Peter leads by example and can often be found handling the difficult conversations, fighting equally hard for an idea or one of his people.
His direct and honest approach had garnered the respect of his peers, his employees and his clients. 

With extensive experience in international advertising and production, Peter has successfully led companies as diverse as the Refinery, Hotel de Ville, Embassy Production Suites and Snap Pictures UK. 

Peter is a production lead, compositor, director and creative director of award winning TV commercials and large-scale corporate communications.

Gabrielle Gray

Group Creative Director

Never one to shy away from the difficult or the uncharted, Gabbi rose to a position of leadership early on in her career.

Driven, determined and, quite frankly, fearless, Gabbi is one of the industry’s rare talents with the ability to effortlessly pivot between conceptual thinking and business acumen.

Gabbi’s passion for the business of communication can be felt from the boardroom to the studio floor in her roles as business executive and creative leader. Her charismatic can-do attitude to solving client briefs inevitably results in work that strikes a chord with clients and consumers alike.

Gabbi began her career in TV production at Tswelopele Productions as a writer and researcher. Unsurprisingly, it didn’t take her long to begin directing. 

She then made the move across to advertising and content creation, becoming Creative Planner for Hotel de Ville and later Creative Director at Embassy Production Suites. 

A skilled writer with a degree in Linguistics and Television Journalism, she has penchant for storytelling combined with human insight, ensuring Gabbi’s delivery is always as engaging as it is beautiful.

Candice Siege 

Operations Director

In an industry driven by deadlines, efficiencies, effectiveness and expectations, one can never underestimate the value of an Operations Director.

And we’re proud to say we have one of the very best. In fact, we like to refer to Candice as “The Organiser”. The glue that binds. The person that keeps it all together.

Fiercely committed and highly skilled, Candice is revered in the industry as an expert in implementing systems and processes to improve efficiency and reduce costs. In short, structuring and organising unbridled chaos. 

Although an operational executive, Candice has an eye on every facet of the business and involves herself in everything from business operations to interfacing with clients.

With an uncanny ability to constantly evolve her skill set, Candice started her journey as Print Production Manager and Art Buyer at Black River FC before becoming Print Production Manager at Saatchi & Saatchi Johannesburg and later Head of Operations and Exco Business Leader. 

Never one to rest on her laurels, Candice then tackled the positions of Producer on Local Interest Channels at Clearwater, the Operations Director at Snap International and is currently building Oliver Africa.