Our home set & onsite studio

In our ongoing efforts to stay agile, and create better efficiencies, we’ve launched our own studio within our offices, featuring a new home-styled set.

The 120 square meters of studio space and 35 meters of production office space include a set that can be adapted to suit any requirements. Currently this includes:
• a laundry space with washing machine, counter-tops and cupboards
• bathroom with shower, toilet and basin (all with running water)
• a bedroom/lounge area
• a fully functioning kitchen area with oven and hob

We are also able to replace the counter-top areas to match any geographic and demographic profile, which is particularly effective for food shoots. Our live-action team is led by DOP Brent Webb. Having worked in almost every department, from set-building and grips, through to lighting and filming, Brent brings over 17 years of passion and experience to the division. To ensure a combination of quality and fast turnaround times, we have invested in an extensive range of lighting and camera equipment. This includes a brand new Red Scarlet-w 5k camera with a range of lens options, as well as a Canon 1D and 5D. We also have two Drones, a number of GoPro cameras as well as a custom-made VR rig. Furthermore, any additional equipment can be hired to match the requirement of any shoot. What makes our offering especially efficient is our ability to live-stream our shoots to clients anywhere in the world, allowing for instant feedback and approval.

Contact our team to find out MORE about how you can use our studio for your next stills shoot, product demo, 'How To' video or any other studio-based requirements!