Digital is not just a set of marketing channels – it’s a different way of thinking about how people engage with media, each other and the world around them.

We offer banner & emailer creation, as well as content upload support. 




We design and make digital banners in HTML5 and Celtra. Celtra is a unique banner tool that enables creation of banners with minimal coding for a variety of platforms. 

Banner advertising is highly measurable and very useful in creating brand and product awareness. 



Email campaigns are an extremely useful tool. They encourage brand awareness and help grow the client’s core business. They are a great tool for showcasing products, as well as educating users about the brand or product.

Emailers are also a great tool for promotion, whether it be temporary or for a campaign around an event etc.

We code emailers using HTML5. 



MORE has a team dedicated to the rollout of websites, which includes site building from templates, content uploading, troubleshooting and QC. The team is currently responsible for the rollout of 32 Tresemme and Sunsilk websites across the world.